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FLAIRS-05, Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA (May 16-18, 2005).

Special track on "AI for Social Network, Social Network in AI"

You will find at the
presentation of the special track entiled "AI for Social Networks,
Social Networks in AI" at the conference of the Florida Artificial
Intelligence Research Society.

The goal of the Special Track on "AI for Social networks, Social
Network in AI" is to attempt to fill a gap between AI and Social
Networks. We are seeking submissions of papers that describe original
results addressing issues such as (but not limited to) the following:
* Where can AI tools bring a new dimension in social networks?
* What needs can we identify in social networks that resonate with AI?
* What AI tools exist for which problems in social networks?
* How studies on social networks can enlighten AI problems?
* Is it an interest for AI-mediated social networks?
* Are there some social-network oriented AI approaches?

Please note that the deadline for submission is October 22, 2004.

The Co-Chairs: Cecile Bothorel, Patrick Brezillon, Avelino Gonzalez


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