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On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 04:07, Emilie Marquois wrote:
> Hello Socnetters,
> As I read more about the social networks analysis, a few questions arise
> about the characteristics of a relation in a social network (type,
> content, nature, etc.).
> I would really appreciate if you could help me to best understand what are
> the characteristics of a relation in a social network, and which ones are
> generally given in studies.
> Many thanks,
> Regards,
> Emilie Marquois

I'm sure others here can give you a more detailed answer, but for me the
key attribute is whether the relation is binary or valued.  A binary
measure is 1/0 (on/off), so for example the act of being related to
someone (father/mother/etc) is binary; you either are or are not

When you start talking about valued relations however, you are simply
introducing a continuum instead of a binary measure.  You could do this
with family relations which would get you near<--->distant relations
mapped on a valued continuum.

To some degree, how you choose to measure relations is something you not
only need to decide up front, but also need to be very clear about WHY
you make the decision you do.

my 2 cents ;-)


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