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I have a serious question:

As a scholar looking at spending the next 6 years doing my Ph.D.s, I'm
trying to figure out where to focus exactly, and I'm finding that many
people are saying the same things in different disciplines (sometimes in
the same disciplines) and yet calling it by different names.

For ex:

Actor/Network theory
Relational ontology
structuration theory

Now I know I'm conflating some of the distinctions between these
arguably sub-fields.

"Actor network theory is a ruthless application of semiotics.  It tells
that entities take their form and acquire their attributes as a result
of their relations with other entities."

and from Constructivism

"Agents and structures are co-constituted by their relationships."

I really could go on, but I won't

My question is this:

Is anybody making any attempt to synthesize all of these various
perspectives?  I'd be happy to do it ;-)

thx much,

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