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Don Steiny wrote:

>       It could be that we do not make progress by design as much as by
>lucky accident.  If that were the case, then unifying the disciplines
>would reduce the variety of attempts at action.  In any event, in
>each of the cases there is a network in which the identities emerge and
>that network might not easily combine with other networks.   Realizing
>the commonality is a wonderful thing for you, personally, and will allow
>you to move ideas from one social world to another, to be a knowledge
>broker, but trying to convince everyone to have a common view would
>probably not turn out to be much fun.
I'm not trying to consolidate anything.  As a postmodernist I deeply
abhor monolithic metalogs.  Nonetheless, a nifty network diagram that
shows how all these diverse fields overlap and complement one another is
something I could really get into.



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