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Dear Socnetters,

We are pleased to announce that NetMiner II is now upgraded to version
NetMiner II is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly software
that integrates network analysis, network visualization, exploratory data
analysis, and statistical analysis.
This particular upgrade includes many new features such as Generalized
Blockmodeling and Random-walk Betweenness.
More detailed information is available at NetMiner web site
(, where you can download a free evaluation copy of
NetMiner 2.5.
We also offer a limited-time 20%-off special discount to celebrate the
release of NetMiner 2.5 until September 14, 2004.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

Ghi-Hoon Ghim
CEO & President
Cyram Co., Ltd

* Below please find a brief description of the new features of NetMiner 2.5.

[Network Analysis]
(enhanced) Subgraph: Dyadic Interaction(p1): Group Dyadic Interation(p1)
model (p1 with attribute variable) is added
(new) Centrality: Random-walk Betweenness Centrality (originated by Mark
(new) Centrality: Coreness (k-Core number originated by Vladimir Batagelj)
(new) Position: Generalized Blockmodeling was added (originated by Vladimir
(enhanced) Equivalence: SimRank routine was modified to allow user-assigned
dampening parameter

(new) Autocorrelation: Assortativity was newly added (Assortative mixing
orginated by Mark Newman)

[File Input/Output]
(new) Import and Export list-type of network data (File | Import [Export] |
CSV | List menu): support Adjacency or Affiliation data which is labeled
with character-string

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