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FYI - The recent train bombing was coordinated with the help of a major drug
dealer and the explosives were exchanged for drugs.  You can probably find out
more about it in open source / Internet accounts.  Good hunting.


Lebanese man arrested over Madrid train bombings



A Lebanese man with a police record for drug trafficking was arrested in
connection with the March 11 train bombings in Madrid, officials said Thursday.
Semaan Gaby Eid was detained Wednesday night outside his home in Madrid's
Carabanchel neighborhood, police and Interior Ministry officials said.
He was not immediately charged, but cell phones, bank statements and
documents were confiscated as possible evidence, according to a ministry statement.
"He is a person whom we consider to be linked directly to suspects who are in
jail," police spokesman Antonio Nevado said in a telephone interview.
More than 50 people have been arrested so far and 16 are in prison, including
at least two who allegedly were directly involved in the bombings. Most are
Islamic militants with suspected ties to al-Qaida are blamed for the attack -
nearly simultaneous blasts that ripped through four commuter trains, killing
191 people and injuring more than 1,600.
The Lebanese man arrested Wednesday was allegedly traced to the suburban
Madrid neighborhood of Leganes where seven suspects blew themselves up on April 3
in an apartment as police were closing in on them.
The Interior Ministry said he was carrying false documents identifying him as
Gabriel Salim Aoun, born in Mozambique in March 1960.
Just hours after the bombings, the suspect was in the area of a farmhouse
outside Madrid where the bombs were prepared, the ministry said.
"We have had witness verification, but I cannot reveal any more details about
that," Nevado said.

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