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Hi Wendi. Lots of references on how networks affect performance (see
annotated bibliography by Brass at ), but fewer
about how network *analysis* affects performance, since this is mostly
done by consultants. Even so, there are a few accounts out there. I'll
skip the self-references and suggest this idea you might not have
thought of: Doing a social network analysis is a technical approach to
what many managers do informally, which is to understand the networks
around them. So let's equate them. Now, there is a literature on how
people vary in their understandings of networks (see the work by
Krackhardt, Casciaro, Kumbasar, Brewer etc) and I think some of this
literature discusses the consequences for the manager and potentially
the organization of having a better understanding. See in particular
Krackhardt's HBR piece and his account of the failure to unionize
silicon systems (in the nohria book).


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Hi Steve

Hope this email finds you well and that you have had a great summer.
Been a while since we have been in touch.  I am currently working with
Philip Evans to pull together recent articles or studies that have been
done which demonstrate how Social Network Analysis has been used to
improve organizational performance.  We are looking for work where there
has been a demonstrable/measurable impact on organizational performance.
Was wondering if you had any thoughts....  I have spent a fair amount of
time searching already, and have found a lot of material which talks
about how SNA can be used in an organizational context to diagnose
problems, but most of the work does not include specific references to
measurable improvements in performance.

Any suggestions you can provide would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

PS.  I am planning to post a query on Socnet...

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