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I just finished putting the rest of the issues of Connections that I
have in pdf (many big thanks to Barry Wellman who organized the scanning
of old issues and to Phuoc Tran who did the scanning).

If you go to and click on Connections under the
spinning network, you will be taken to the new Connections index page
that looks pretty much like the one you are used to seeing. There are
two major differences.  First, it has a lot more issues of Connections
available for reading and, no doubt, downloading.  Second, it's not on
SFU's computer; it's at the new INSNA web site at Once
you are on the new Connections page, everything behaves as it used to on
the old version. Well, almost everything -- if you click on the link in
the bottom left corner of the page (you have to scroll down past the
Fine Print), it takes you to  instead of to You probably wouldn't know the difference unless you
looked at the address bar on your browser, though, because everything
looks and behaves the same way. I should say everything that I've been
able to find and fix. I would be surprised if there aren't still a few
things I've missed. Please let me know if you find one of these.

The main weakness of the early issues is that they were scanned and
converted to pdf files one issue at a time. This means that some of the
pdfs are pretty big -- over 10 megabytes -- and they take a long time to
download, even with a cable modem.  I bave broken a few of them apart
into smaller files so you get a cover/table of contents with links to
separate files for each article. I did this for 1999 Volume 22, number 1
and number 2 and for 1987 Volume 10, number 1. It's a lot of work and a
real pain, but it makes it a lot easier to get at the contents, assuming
you don't want a 136-page pdf file to wade through. It will also allow
links from the cumulative index to take you to individual articles. Is
it worth the effort?  Anyone want to volunteer to take this job on?
We're probably looking at 150 to 200 hours of work to do all of the work
with the pdfs, a bunch of ftping and a bit of html, too.

Please try out the new site at  (you can also use and let me know what you think would be a reasonable way
to go with Connections.

all the best,

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