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Dear Socnetters:

I am compiling a list of recent papers and articles which include
specific examples that demonstrate how social network analysis can be
used to improve organizational performance.  While there is a wealth of
material on this subject (much of which has been authored by people on
this list), I have not been very successful at finding studies which
demonstrate or measure how organizational performance has improved as a
result of using social network analysis in a specific organizational
context.  (There are several notable exceptions, of course, including
work done by Steve Borgatti, and others).

If any of the people on this list have recently done work where they
have applied SNA to solve an organizational, business or management
problem, and are able or willing to share or discuss their findings with
me, I would much appreciate it.  [email: [log in to unmask] ]

I would also be happy to compile a list of references on this subject,
to post back to this group, and/or be available on the INSNA website, if
this is of interest/use.

Wendi Backler
Project Leader
The Boston Consulting Group
Exchange Place
Boston, MA  02109

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Thank you.

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