We've had a request come in for anyone who is available to volunteer with
supplies at the distribution center.  My understanding that this is
loading and unloading food/water/ice for the various public relief centers
around the county.  FEMA is dropping off the supplies at the
Alachua County Fairgrounds expo building.

Anyone who is available to volunteer please contact Van Wheelock at
352-562-9621  (a local call in Gainesville area).

GARC has also been requested to let United Way know if we have volunteers
available for community support.  If you think you would be willing to
volunteer for community service in the name of Gator Amateur Radio Club
with community recovery efforts from Hurricane Jeanne and Frances, please
contact the United Way Information and Referral at (352) 332-4636 during
business hours (8:30-5:00pm M-F).

United Way also wants to know also if GARC wants to be listed in their
service directory with any special types of volunteer capabilities.  It
will do no good to list the club if no one is willing to volunteer.

Student Organizations are strongly encouraged to provide community service
hours.  Please let me know your thoughts -- all members, students, staff,
faculty, alumni, and community supporters.


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