A little musing here.  Electronic records/document management software is
just the tool or the vehicle to assist Records Managers in their jobs.  The
"tool" is just that, a tool.  We still need the policies, procedures,
standards, retention schedules, classification schemas etc. etc.  Could it
be that some Records Managers are uncomfortable with the convergence of IT
into their domain?  I personally welcome them and embrace their knowledge,
because together we are stronger, work better and work smarter.  I also
think that this electronic thing grew so incredibly fast.  What is new one
day is old the next.  It is hard to adapt and to comprehend all the tools
out there.  Metaphorically speaking, we weren't eased gracefully into the
electronic world, but rather had the cold water thrown on us.

Happy Friday everyone.  It is a long weekend here.  Time to kick back and
hoist a few cold ones. I am looking forward to quitting time!! Take care.

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