My military service here in Canada was also in the 1970's and all I have is
a few documents, something similar to a record of employment.  I don't have
anything else other then some training documentation, certificates I
collected and my memories.  The Library and Archives Canada has a personnel
records section that contains military records. As you can see by the snip
they have a lot more records then the average veteran would have in their
personal possession.

(snip from site)

The National Archives of Canada holds the personnel files of over 5,500,000
former military and civilian employees of the Canadian Armed Forces and the
Federal Public Service. Civilian records contain information about the
individual's employment history, as well as personal information, such as
pension details. Military records include documentation about enlistment,
discharge, military units served with, and may also include other documents
concerning medical history, medals awarded, personal evaluation reports and
dental charts.

Personnel records for public servants are retained for eighty years dating
from the individual's birth date. After eighty years, most of these records
are destroyed. However, a few selected personnel files of former members of
the public service are retained for historical purposes in RG 32 (Public
Service Commission). You can search our holdings for RG 32 using our
Government of Canada Files database.

p.s. we are getting the remnants of the Hurricane here and getting the usual
total month of September's rain in one day!

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