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I am looking for any references for studies incorporating network measures
and analysis into case studies of organizations (especially dealing with
knowledge, innovation, sense-making, or meaning).  I searched the SOCNET
archive and found little.

I am doing research now in which I have longitudinal network data on the
relationship among company members on 4 separate companies (n=32).  I also
have archival data, personal reflections, and some interview data.  I am
doing an exploratory study of the evolving relationship between network
characteristics of actors and also of whole networks to a range of
knowledge/innovation/meaning questions.  I would like to integrate a close
reading of network properties and dynamics with something like a "mini"
enthnogrpahy of what happened on the ground over time.

For example,questions I ask myself as I sift through this data include:

What happens to actors who by virtue of filling holes broker ideas?  Does
brokering centralize them?


Do some sub-group constellations seem to be better able to negotiate the
exploration/exploitation trade off?

Any good leads?



Jordi Comas
Visiting Assistant Professor
Bucknell University
570 577-3161
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"There is nothing so practical as a good theory."  Kurt Lewin

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