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INSNA membership and Social Networks subscriptions go on a calendar year

A one-year membership or subscription will cover one year -- 2004 or
2005 or ...

If you joined or renewed your INSNA membership (or subscribed to Social
Networks) before September 1 of this year, the current registration
system assumed you wanted them to cover 2004.  Transactions done after
September 1 will cover 2005.

If you'd rather that they cover 2005, please let me know and I'll make
the change for you. If you do that,  your membership (and subscription
to Social Networks) will begin in January, 2005.

You can check your membership status if you go to the INSNA web site at and click on  "Check your membership status" near the
upper right corner of the page.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

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