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Starting this year, there will be an INSNA Membership Renewal period
running from the middle of October to early December. Please wait until
this is announced before you attempt to renew your membership.

To check your INSNA membership status:

    -- go to the INSNA web site ( and click on "Check your
    membership status" in the upper right corner of the page.

    -- Enter the first two letters of your last name and click "search"
    and then find your name on the drop-down list.

    -- Click your name and then click "select".

You will see a little display that says "*Membership Status*" in large
bold letters on a blue bar. Below that you'll see your name and the
starting and expiry dates of your INSNA membership.

(If your name isn't on the list, click on "*Proceed to Registration

If your membership expired before 2004, you will see " *To renew your
INSNA membership, please click the Renew button below.*" There will also
be a "Renew" button which will take you to a form that you can use to
renew your membership.

During the Membership Renewal period, the same renewal information will
appear for people whose memberships expire in 2004.

If you want to see whether you have a subscription to Social Networks,
click on the "Add Subscription" button. If you do have a current
subscription to the journal, you will see "*You already have a current
Journal Subscription.*"

If you don't have a subscription, you will see a form with the title
"*INSNA Journal Subscription*". If you would like to add a subscription,
please fill out the form, indicate how you wish to pay, and click on the
"Continue" button on the bottom, which will take you to the payment screen.

In case you are wondering, all of the membership pages, including the
payment forms, use a secure connection. If you use a credit card to pay
for membership or a subscription, it connects to the secure system my
university uses for payment of tuition and other university-related
fees. This system goes directly to the bank that processes credit card
payments. No people see your credit card number and date. Our bank
contacts the bank that handles your credit card, sends the transaction
information, asks for approval of the transaction, and receives the
response from your bank. If the transaction is accepted by your credit
card's bank, the transaction is completed.

Sometimes a person's credit card bank does not accept an INSNA
membership or Social Networks subscription transaction. Some possible
reasons for this are:
 -- expired card;
 -- incorrect expiry date or card number;
 -- overdrawn account;
 -- transactions with a Canadian university not permitted with your
credit card because, for example, the organization that issued the card
wants it to be used only for local business transactions.

If your transaction is completed, you will see an entry on your credit
card statement showing a transaction with SFU WebPayment. This is your
INSNA membership or Social Networks subscription. Please do not dispute
this transaction because you don't remember doing business with Simon
Fraser University.

Please print a copy of the receipt that appears on your screen and save
it for your records in case you have a question about your membership or
subscription at a later date.

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