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It would be great if we had one or more social network sessions here.
Anyone interested in organizing? I'll serve as clearing house.


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Subject: Call - RC33 Session organizers (ISA Durban 2006)

Call for Session organizers RC33
ISA Durban 2006

Dear members of RC33,

The ISA world congress in Durban is coming soon, July
23-29, 2006. By October 15, we have to send the list of session
organizers to the ISA. With this call we would like to ask you to
consider organizing a session that might be of interest to participants
both insdie and outside RC33; for example, sessions which might
draw attention to new media or to the value of data. According to the
number of RC33 members who also belong to ISA, we expect to
have 10 to 12 sessions.

Please send the proposal of your session (approx. one page) not later than
October 15 to Nancy Andes ([log in to unmask]) and Jörg Blasius
([log in to unmask]). The proposals will be evaluated by Nancy Andes, Jörg
Blasius, Dorien de Tombe and Cor van Dijkum.

Joint 2004-2006 RC33 membership & full BMS subscription: 75 euros!
Think about it!

Ask your university library to subscribe to the BMS; only 65 euros/dollars
per year.

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