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Dear all,

I am doing my PhD research on network utilisation by migrant elites, and -amongst other things- I want to use 'contact diaries' as a method of data collection. That is, I want to ask participants to keep track of all their encounters with others, either by mail, face-to-face contact or telephone etc for a period of at least 30 days. The aim is to get to know which kind of contacts they use for what purpose.
I know Michael Gurevitch used this method in 1961, and his thesis is very helpful to me, but I cannot find any other research that uses the same method. I know there is some research done on things as drinking patterns using the diary method, but not when it comes to everyday contacts.

Can anybody help me out on this? Do you know research that does use this method or do you have some do's and don't's? I would be most grateful for any suggestion.

Best regards,

Lisa Peters

Lisa Peters, PhD student
University of Amsterdam
Department of Political Science/ IMES
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237
1012 DL Amsterdam
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