Not this year, but in the past I have seen large waves of Great Blue Herons
migrating right over my house.  I have seen them come in waves of 50 or more,
one after another.  I have witnessed only one fair sized wave of Great Egrets
this fall.

I actually had 2 Red-eyed Vireos and one Eastern Phoebe in my yard on
Tuesday.  I was elated.  My yard birds are doing well and I finally found one lone
Mockingbird last Saturday afternoon just as I was leaving for work.  What I do
find extremely interesting is the increase of Blue Jays over the past 2 years.
I thought they were all but dead to WNV.  The juveniles look pathetic in the
middle of their moult, bare heads and all.  I am just happy to see them.  My
resident Cooper's Hawk was sitting on a tree across the street that I thought
my neighbor was going to totally chop down.  Bless his heart, he left most of
it up, just got rid of what threatened his house.  My next door neighbor was
not so bird friendly.  2 Sycamores cracked at the tops and fell on her a level that was no longer a threat.  She cut both down to the ground.  I
was sick as they both would have been woodpecker havens.  I discussed it with
her before they were taken down but she was not having those tree be a reminder
of this season.  Other neighbors have left partial trees so I am pleased there
are a few good bird-friendly citizens around.  Even the Pileated Woodpecker
came by for a visit yesterday afternoon!

I stare at the skies but just have not seen flocks of anything coming over
other than the nighthawks earlier.  I will report when I do.

Meret S Wilson
Tomoka State Park Bird Banding Station
Ormond Beach, FL

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