Made a quick run through St. Marks this afternoon, with fledgling
birders Zach Clay and Rose Bennett.

At the boardwalk spur at the Mounds trailhead, we enjoyed
GLOSSY IBIS (juvenile)
(among others)

At the lighthouse, there were two MERLINS chasing each other, providing
awesome looks immediately over our heads for 5 minutes. They stayed in
the area, snacking on dragonflies and agitating one another for 20

Our first of the season NORTHERN HARRIER coasted over the lighthouse
pool, shamelessly displaying its white rump for Rose and Zach.

BLACK TERNS were also feeding in the area.

Saw a YELLOW WARBLER in the undergrowth at the lighthouse, but didn't
spend much time on songbirds, since the larger waterbirds and raptors
were just as novel for Rose and Zach, but infinitely easier to get the
binoculars on... :)

I suspect the front pushed lots more through St. Marks today but we
didn't have the time to do it justice. The raptor movement alone was

Julie Brashears
Tallahassee, FL

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