Hello everybody,
Just wanted to start out by saying thanks to all of you who made it to the meeting on Thursday!  For those of you who couldn't make it, here is a summary of what went on:
1. The Student Organizational Fair is on this Wednesday (Oct. 27th) from 10am-3pm in the Reitz Union Colonnade.  We need current members to come out and help us try to recruit new members.  Our vice president, Anje Deocampo will be there the whole time, but he needs help running the table.  If you have a break between classes or are done with classes early, please go out there and help him out!  For every hour that you can spend there, you will earn 1 pt, so be sure to sign in.
2. COMMUNITY SERVICE: We have a Hope Lodge dinner on this Thursday (Oct.28th).  Officers need to be there at 4:30 to help cook the mexican dinner and members can start showing up around 5:45pm.  Dinner starts at 6:00.  (If you want to take home leftovers, bring your own containers.  We usually have some food left over.)  Remember, community service activities are worth 3 pts.  I know with midterms going on right now, you all are probably very busy, but please try to make an effort to come out to the Hope Lodge Dinner!  It takes no more than an hour & it is a really great and gratifying experience.  The people there really do appreciate us cooking for them.
This is all the stuff going on this week.  I'll send out another email later letting you know about things going on the following week. 
~Neesha Patel
HOSA at UF President

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