Here are the directions to get to Hope Lodge:

~~Coming from SW 34th Street and heading east on Archer Road (away from I-75):
1)  You will go down two lights (past University Commons on your right at SW 23rd Terrace and past the newly built traffic signal at SW 23rd Drive).
2)  When you reach the third intersection, there will be a firehouse on your left, and a road that veers to the right.  This is SW 16th Avenue...take this route.
3) At second traffic light, you will make a right onto SW 16th Street.  If you hit SW 13th street, you went too far.
4) Go all the way down to the end of the street and make a left.  Park all the way in the back (Hope Lodge is the furthermost building.)
5)Tell the front desk you're with HOSA, and they should direct you to the kitchen all the way in the back.

~~Coming from Campus (Going south on SW 13th Street, away from University Ave. as if you were headed toward Norman Hall.

1) Going south on SW 13th Street, you will pass Norman Hall on the left.  Keep going south.
2)  Once you've travelled underneath the overpass, you will make a right onto SW16th Avenue (kinda where the Steak N Shake is).
3)  At the next traffic light, you will make a left onto SW 16th Street.
4)  Proceed with step 4 above.

I'm hoping for a good turnout at Thursday's dinner, as this marks the last Hope Lodge dinner for the semester.  Again, if you'd like to bring home leftovers, please bring your containers.

Also, while some of the members are operating the counter/food line, the rest of you must mingle with the patients until clean up time....try to spark up some conversation about ANYTHING (while remaining appropriate); most of them are really open.
Dinner is served promptly at 6:00 and clean should end at 7:30.  We ask, for those who are showing up early to serve dinner, that you show up by 5:45-5:50.  You don't have the be there the whole time, and if previous engagements cause you to come in late, that's still fine.  You'll still receive your 3 points granted that you at least serve dinner, mingle with the patients, OR help clean up.

The cancer patients always appreciate our help and support,and would love to have someone else besides family to talk with.

I hope to see you there!

~~Anje Deocampo
HOSA at UF Vice-President

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