Hey Everyone --
The Alzheimer's Association is holding their annual Memory Walk on Saturday November 6th.  I know I already sent out an email about this, but due to a lack of response, I am sending it out again.  I talked to them and we are going to be parking cars early in the morning and then we are supposed to help tie up balloons and play with the kids that will be there.  I found out that we actually need to be there by 7:15am on Saturday morning. :)  Okay, so I know that is EXTREMELY EARLY, but remember, its for a FANTASTIC cause!!  It should end no later than noon.  The walk is located at Westside Park on the corner of 34th and 8th. 
If you can come, PLEASE let me know.  And, if you need a ride to the walk, also let me know and I will come pick you up bright and early :)  PLEASE come out and help. 
Just reply to this mssg if you can make it and thanks to those who have already replied.
~Neesha Patel
HOSA at UF President

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