Hi all~

My name is Kate Freding and I am also new to the list.  I graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana's GSLIS in May and am now employed at a large architectural firm in downtown Chicago.  Glad to have joined the community!  I have been enjoying the postings thus far and learning from them as well.

I have a question regarding pdfs.  We are about to embark on a path of scanning paper legal documents.  The rationale behind this is two-fold: we don't have to hand out originals for information requests by employees, and - in the event of fire - we will have back-up copies in another (albeit digital) location.  Is it better to scan docs as pdf, pdf/a, or tif?  Also, what level of resolution is needed?  Both questions refer to a disaster recovery-type situation.  What digital format is currently deemed to be the court-acceptable replacement for the original?

For the purpose of this question, right now let's ignore factors such as microfilming and retention schedules, though they are of course very important and part of the larger issue here.  Also, I won't be offended if you provide thoughts on why it could be a bad idea to do this project.

Thanks so much for your input.

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