Welcome to the ListServ--it's a great resource.

I am a proud graduate of  USC receiving my MLIS in 1980!  Great school--go gamecocks.

I am very active in the RIM profession.  If there is any way I can help you during your graduate studies, let me know.

Again--welcome to the group.

Mary White-Dollmann

Peggy Cwiakala <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
When I joined this list, the instructions said to send an introduction, so here

I'm a grad student at USC getting my MLIS. I have the pleasure of studying with
Roy Tryon here in SC. My interests involve records management and disaster
planning and recovery (and specifically electronic records protection and
recovery). ANY input/advice will be much appreciated --I'm compiling
bibliographies, reports and a webpage for my coursework and professional
development. I plan to graduate after next semester and then I will finish the
additional 18 credit certificate for specialized managerial training over the
summer. I will be happy to share what I learn with the list.

It is a pleasure to be a member of the listserv I have enjoyed your postings so

My personal webpage is

Peggy Cwiakala
University of South Carolina
School of Library & Information Science

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