I agree with Dwight.

Here's a scenario that we are working on:  our company intranet, data
warehouse and email systems are not "recordkeeping repositories", they
simply hold "convenience copies" for reporting, trending and messaging
functions.  The retention is basically until superseded or no longer
needed.  Any records posted or entered on these systems must be retained
in a "recordkeeping repository" as determined by the company. The
difficulty, of course, is establishing a "recordkeeping repository" for
all these various types of electronic records. When we are able to do
this, we will be able to allow the other repositories to function
according to their intended purpose.

Litigation and discovery processes may freeze the
data/information/records in all storage repositories but that doesn't
change our application of retention schedules - it only suspends the
destruction until the freeze is lifted.
Thanks Mary Haider

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