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Subject: [BOCC] Sen. Mike Belle: I Need YOUR Help.
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Council Leaders:
This evening I had a conversation with Michael Belle (former Gainesville
Mayoral Candidate and current Student Senator) about getting the University
of Florida Student Body recognized as a valid voting block. As you may have
read in the newspaper, the student senate passed a resolution to this effect
a few weeks ago
.htm). Tomorrow night is a major opportunity for University of Florida
Student Leaders to present a unified front.

I apologize for the late notice, please find the attached email and let your
organization leaders know of this opportunity! In the future, these
announcements will be included in the BOCC Updates several days in advance.

Keith E. McCartney
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C: (352) 745-6040

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From: Michael Belle [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Sen. Mike Belle: I Need YOUR Help.

Fellow Student Leaders,

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, the City Commission will take public comment. I want
to, once again, invite and encourage every single student leader to attend
this meeting, at which I will read the resolution passed by the entire
Student Senate, idenfying the urgency we are expressing in empowering the
student vote in Alachua County.

I also encourage you to sign up for public comment, so you can introduce
yourself to your fellow community leaders, and express your demand that they
recognize the student constituency as a serious voting bloc. Many of you
have very interesting backgrounds in local government, that every City
Commissioner would be very interested to hear about. Many of you have
serious, even specific, concerns about the shaping of the community, that
every City Commissioner would be very interested to hear about.

Regardless of whether or not you talk, for them to look at a room full of
engaged, pro-active student leaders who are watching them will send the
wake-up call they are sorely in need of.

Please help me pack that auditorium, and come to City Hall at 5:30pm on
Monday. To get there, you simply take any bus that goes downtown, and ask
where City Hall is when you get off of the bus. Or, follow University away
from the mall, towards and past the Holiday Inn and Leonardo's, and City
Hall will be on the left side right after you cross Main Street. Look for
the big clock and the big fountain.


Sen. Mike Belle
Student Director
Office of Community Service
LOYAL: Civic Engagement Branch

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