Hey guys,
For those of you interested in becoming a State and National HOSA Member, I will be in Larsen 239 on Thursday Nov.18th from 6:30-7:00 so you can stop by and pay me the $18.50.  Remember, all of this money goes to State and National HOSA -- we do not see any of it.  If you plan on attending Regional Conference to judge or you want to attend the State HOSA Leadership Conference, you must be a dues paying member. 
We will have receipts and change for those who already paid as well, so please stop by and pick it up. 
Also, if you have a design for the t-shirt, please drop it off.  This is not a mandatory general meeting, but I will be there for 30 minutes so you can stop by anytime in between.  See you all then!
~Neesha Patel
HOSA at UF President