Being a Navy brat from San Diego, I have a true appeciation for the
Marine Corps and their history.  Like all of our men and women in our
armed forces, they are all heroes in my book.

When I was growing up, my neighbor was a retired Marine who was
stationed on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor on December 7,
1941 and fought in the Pacific Theater during WWII. I never met a
finer gentleman anywhere.

I got an email recently from a high school classmate, she had made
the decision to join the military at the ripe old age of 32.  She was
an outstanding high school athlete and was still very active in
sports.  She wanted to serve in the medical field, and she narrowed
her choices down to medical service in the Army or Navy Corpsman.
She finally selected the Navy corpsman program.  I reminded her that
Navy corpsman also serve within the Marine Corps.  She said, "That is
WHY I want to be a Navy Corpsman.  Because I want to serve with the
Marines!"  She completed her Navy "basic" last month, as the oldest
in her class, and is at corpsman training in Illinois.

Arthur Medrano
Los Angeles, CA

--- "Jones, Virginia" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thank you for posting this Peter.  My grandson has just started
> tech school
> in Maryland after completing Marine Corps basic and combat training
> last
> week.  He is very proud of his choice and we, of course, are very
> proud of
> him.
> Ginny Jones
> (Virginia A. Jones, CRM)
> Records Manager
> Information Technology Division
> Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
> Newport News, VA
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