Since Chris Flynn hasn't posted one of his funny comments on this
subject, I will post one in his place. (Chris...where are you???)

Two attributes that a Marine brings to the RM would is MARKSMANSHIP
and a certain knack for solving problems.  I am sure most of you will

A Marine Records Manager (he or she) has an certain ability, at 400
yards, to resolve the nagging problem of the rogue manager who
doesn't follow the Company/Organization records management policy!
Remember, every Marine is a rifleman.  OOH RAH!!

Arthur Medrano

--- "Jones, Virginia" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I can think of several reasons:
> 1 - "baby boomers" (my age group) were subject to the draft, and
> therefore a
> high percentage of the males were in the military at one time.
> 2 - Marine Corps training is very rigorous, and conditions RIM
> folks for our
> usual crawls through old buildings, basements, attics, deserted
> structures,
> etc. to inventory records.
> 3 - RIM is procedure-oriented, and ex-military are well trained in
> developing (or at least memorizing and following) explicit
> procedures.
> 4 - the military "builds men" (their slogan, not mine) and enables
> ex-military types to lift full records boxes. 8-)
> Ginny Jones
> (Virginia A. Jones, CRM)
> Records Manager
> Information Technology Division
> Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
> Newport News, VA
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