True words for sure. When I graduated from high schools in 1967 got two
a high school diploma in one hand and a draft notice in the other.

Joined the Navy to see the world instead and the world I saw was like
nothing I have ever imagined.

I am proud to say I have a dear friend who I grew up with who lives in
Southern California. He went in the Marines and I the Navy. Every Marine
Corps Birthday he calls me (as he just did a few minutes ago and which
is what prompted me to write) as he has for 35 years and sings the
Marine Corps hymn to me and hangs up. Use to bug being a Navy man and
all but of late I listen and sing along with him after all life is way
to short not to enjoy family, friends and life its self.

I also have an 82 year old neighbor who is a World War II Marine. Ant
many of those guys left. My dear friend Carl and I make furniture out of
driftwood from the Mississippi and Missouri rives and it gives us a lot
of time to talk and reflect. He often tells me about the day after Pearl
Harbor, when he told his mother either you sign for me or I will do it
myself. He was 17. She signed and off he went. Of course like many of us
after a few days in boot camp he said he started wondering what the heck
am I doing here.

We all have many memories of those days when we were oh so much older.
Have to say that no matter how difficult this profession of RIM gets at
times, this is always better.

Congratulations Marines its good to know your all still crazy after all
these years.

Richard E. Smith, CRM
Director, Records & Information Management
Express Scripts, Inc.
(314) 702-7151

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Subject: Re: Why so many ex military, and RM education, was: Re: Happy
Bir thday DevilDogs!

I can think of several reasons:
1 - "baby boomers" (my age group) were subject to the draft, and
therefore a high percentage of the males were in the military at one
time. 2 - Marine Corps training is very rigorous, and conditions RIM
folks for our usual crawls through old buildings, basements, attics,
deserted structures, etc. to inventory records. 3 - RIM is
procedure-oriented, and ex-military are well trained in developing (or
at least memorizing and following) explicit procedures. 4 - the military
"builds men" (their slogan, not mine) and enables ex-military types to
lift full records boxes. 8-)

Ginny Jones
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM)
Records Manager
Information Technology Division
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
Newport News, VA
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