Hello, All.

--- Alex <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Canada Goose between stop 3 and 4 on Blackpoint

So, I wasn't crazy!

Took the family out on the pretense of a beach visit
Saturday and quickly turned it into a Black Point/Bio
Lab THEN the beach. They had fun anyway.

Stopped to check out the large number of birds between
3 and 4 and, even with the sun in front of us, I
noticed a goose shaped bird next to a few Wigeons and
said to my wife, "I think there is a Canada Goose
right there!" Couldn't be 100% sure but I thought I
could make out the markings even from far away and
only armed with my old binocs.

I believe the words "My kingdom for a scope!" exited
my mouth just after that.

Also had some type of raptor sitting in a bush near a
Black Vulture about No. 6. Too far to really make out.
I have to scan and enlarge to try and get a better ID.

Nothing else too unusual. Much of what the earlier
posts mentioned.

Headed to Playalinda and had a LOT of wind. Even the
Pelicans were having a hard time forging South. I am
not used to staring out to sea but we could just make
out a large number of birds heading South in straight
lines. White birds which always included at least one
brown juv in each group.

I am guessing Gannets, no? I have a distance photo if
anyone want to help confirm but from what I read it
has to be them by the flight pattern alone.

Saw many warblers try in vain to fly against the wind.
They were fun to see hovering in place and give up
after a bit of trying.

And Mr. Dunkerton? That Cooper's Hawk we discussed on
our last outing? Flew righ tin front of the car for 50
yards out on Bio Lab.

Nice day.

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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