Hi everybody,

Today, after a Caloosa Bird Club trip to Big Cypress Boardwalk and environs, (and unfortunately when the rest of the club members were not with us), fellow birder John Winters and I found a Eurasian Wigeon at the "back pond" (the pond nearest the apartment complex of Whistler's Cove)about 3:45 pm.

As you may remember, in season's past, 2 Eurasian Wigeons, had been seen at this same pond. For directions to the Park, go to

Our Ohio/Naples friend, Woody, had "peeled off" from John and I just a few minutes before we found the duck. I told you not to go Woody!

What a beauty of a day! I enjoy being outdoors so much more now that my birding time is severely restricted by my full-time job.

Happy birding everybody!

Marie Gonsalo
Fort Myers


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