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Valdis Krebs' suggestion that we use Amazon to study intercitations among
books is a good one.

But you still gotta look at the book to validate!

Here's one reason why:
Two of the books that Valdis/Amazon found that cite Wasserman & Faust are:

Changing Nature of Guanxi (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)
>  by Thomas Gold in Front Matter, Back Matter (1), and Back Matter (2)

>Communities in Cyberspace  by Marc A. Smith on page 218, and page 219

I know both of these books well, as I have a co-authored article in each.

In fact, I believe that it is my article in each that does the citation.
And not Tom Gold (who is one of 3 book editors) or Marc Smith (1 of 2 book
editors), worthy as they are.

Note 1: Violating my own "you gotta look at the book" imperative, I am
doing this from home, and the books are at the office, so I have much -- but not
absolute -- confidence in my assertion.

Note 2: From Valdis: "Here is the full URL for W&F on Amazon...  "

Note 3: If you're interested in intercitation analysis, see the paper that
Howard White and I wrote last year (using Nancy Nazer's data) on citation
networks and friendship networks:

Howard White, Barry Wellman and Nancy Nazer. 2004. "Does Citation Reflect
Social Structure: Longitudinal Evidence from the `Globenet'
Interdisciplinary Research Group." _Journal of the American Society for
Information Science and Technology_, 55, 2: 111-26.

Which also lives on my website (URL below). /end shameless plug/


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