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Dear All,

I am analyzing data about networks of firms and political parties connected
by persons. (Party members on boards.) I winder if there is someone with
similar data.

There are tons of articles about director interlocks between firms, banks.
There are tons of articles about political action committees, directors or
firms donating to campaigns.
I know of some articles, mostly in Social Problems about government leaders
on corporate boards, mostly before or after they come to office.
But there is hardly any contemporary research on political office holders on
corporate boards. Now, this might differ by country how strict the
regulation is about conflict of interest.

What we have is the interlocks between all political officeholders and the
top 2000 companies, between 1987 and 2001 for Hungary. The broader questions
here are:
-is there a co-evolution between party competition and corporate networks
(both take off after 1989)
-is there a connection between increasing FDI and political networking
(foreign ownership increases from 2% to 53%)

Do you know of any research project that looks at corporate-political
interlocks? Thanks, Balazs.

B a l a z s   V e d r e s
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Central European University
  and fellow at the Santa Fe Institute

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