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A few questions on Harrison White's Identity and Control:

It is a hard book.  Still, I am surprised there are not more obvious
follow-ons.  If I am confused, would  someone kindly point me toward
sequelae works that bear on White's insights? (I am familiar with the Amazon
citation list, etc.) my question is more toward what might be seen as works
that are truly of a consistent vein with "I and C".  I would have thought,
for instance, that Roberto Franzosi's recent From Words to Numbers might
have been closer but there is not direct cite...Franzosi does cite White,
Boorman, Breiger from the 1970s.  Did anyone in lit crit pick up the
"narrative challenge?"

Is there an identifiable set of empircal works in support?  Is there further
theory work that has been particularly fruitful? Good dissertations, for

Could someone explain to me why the obvious linkage between Kurt Lewin's
work--particularly Topological Psychology--and Identity and Control seems to
be overlooked--even by White?  Have I overlooked something on that topic?

Anyone familiar with work that connects Nan Lin's ideas on structure to

Has anyone "fleshed out" what White calls the 3 disciplines?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Ryan Lanham
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