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well, the problem with is that the data can be very
old...though it is an amazing effort.

you might also consider contacting the center for public integrity to
request resources: ...OR, a
source specific to your inquiry, the association for investigative
reporters and editors - many of whom have written journalist "tip sheets"
on this very subject - you can find IRE contacts at their own site,

...and of course, there is the show-stopper - the FEC campaign
contributions database, which is open to the public, and you can search by
corporation to see which PACs and other parties money is being given to -
and it includes the name of the executive(s), and dollar amounts (starts
around 200-300 bucks per individuals, at which point they track it all)...i
wrote an article about this for scip ( which is online at:

excerpts you might like: (regarding corporate connections to other boards)
"However, as I mentioned, there are many watchdog groups to network
through. My favorite is The Corporate Library (
) – you might try calling or emailing them if you are looking at a specific
person and want to track changes. Also, you might consider the network
through NACD ( ), the National Association of Corporate
Directors. If you’re looking in Europe, try the European Corporate
Governance Institute ("

(and regarding the FEC): "Our wonderful government, once again, has managed
to amass mountains of data on political contributions through the FEC –
Federal Election Commission. A visit to their site ( will yield
many links, but if you want to just skip to the Transaction Query System,
then type in: If that doesn’t work, view the
site map and navigate from there to search/view reports....You’ll have an
option to look up individuals by name (anybody who gave over $200 bucks
technically), or you might want to view a whole Candidate or PAC summary
whether or not the database contains the individual’s own data. This is
actually quite interesting if you’re looking to understand the flavor of
the corporation’s own PAC for purposes such as cultural analysis.
In the latter case (viewing a Political Candidate or PAC) you might look up
the target’s employer by company name. From here, you will be able to see
total money out, as well as links to individual contributions and related
data. "

hope this all helps..

At 09:41 AM 12/20/2004, you wrote:
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>Hello Balazs,
> > Do you know of any research project that looks at
> > corporate-political interlocks?
>"They sit on the boards of the largest companies in America
>  Many sit on government committees
>  They make decisions that affect our lives
>  They rule"
>Only a few government committees included, but still...
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