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More on-line research tools... look up a book on Amazon and see the
[partial?] citation network...
* in-degrees
* out-degrees

Here is the partial list for Wasserman & Faust

> This book cites 17 books:  (learn more)
>              Social Mobility and Social Structure (Structural Analysis in the
> Social Sciences)  by Ronald L. Breiger in Front Matter
>              The Information in Contingency Tables  by D.V. Gokhale in Back
> Matter
>              Flows in Networks (Rand Corporation Research Studies Series)  by
> L.R. Jr. Ford in Back Matter
>              Analysis of Binary Data, Second Edition  by D.R. Cox in Back Matter
>   See all 17 books this book cites
> 46 books that cite this book:  (learn more)
>              Mexico's Mandarins: Crafting a Power Elite for the Twenty-First
> Century  by Roderic Ai Camp on  7 pages
>              New Methods for Social History (International Review of Social
> History Supplements)  by Larry J. Griffin on  4 pages
>              Social Connections in China : Institutions, Culture, and the
> Changing Nature of Guanxi (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)
>  by Thomas Gold in Front Matter, Back Matter (1), and Back Matter (2)
>              Communities in Cyberspace  by Marc A. Smith on page 218, and page
> 219
>   See all 46 books citing this book

Here is the full URL for W&F on Amazon...

The 'social life of books' has arrived.  Now we can ask these
* Do books about social capital actually HAVE social capital?
* Does "Structural Holes" actually span structural holes?
* Who is within six degrees of "Six Degrees"?
* Which are the weak ties around "Getting A Job"?
* ;-)



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