From: el werner m.d. 
Subject: Re: Fw: Frieda Hughes

thanks dianne. i agree. it's not my impression that plumbers, teachers and clerks are generally cheerful either. or drug addicts or people who never touch drugs or americans or jordanians, or men or women, or more than about 10% of any population.
     it's just not fair that writers and artists are allowed to be nasty and the rest of us slobs aren't!!!

best regards,

eleanor (sans talent) w.

As for being cheerful: It is not my impression that artists or writers are a
generally cheerful lot.

Dianne Hunter
  From:         Eleanor Werner M.D.
Subject:      maternal death--creativity

i am doing research on the effect of early maternal death on artists and
writers, not only the obvious famous (magritte, styron) but on all
creative people, famous or not. i am especially interested in creative
people who flourished despite the early death of mother (say between the
ages of 5 and 25), who were generally cheerful and sane rather than
depressed and traumatized. can anyone think of examples and/or sources?

eleanor werner, m.d.

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