Date:  24 January 2005

To:      All UF Graduate Students

From:  UF Graduate School Data Management

RE:      Florida JLPP Publication and Scholarship Opportunity

The Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy (JLPP) is an interdisciplinary
organization devoted to the study and analysis of contemporary legal and
social issues. It focuses on judicial decisions, legislation, law reform,
and other legal issues facing public policy decision-makers. It is designed
to serve the needs of professionals, researchers, instructors and students
in the academic fields of law and public policy, journalism and mass
communications, education, business, social science and other related
disciplines, as well as law libraries, policy analysts and public officials.

The journal offers two open writing competitions for law and graduate
students to compete for publication and membership in the journal.  Graduate
students also have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship.

All student members must complete a writing requirement, help research
articles and prepare the journal for publication.

For more information, please attend the meeting on Wednesday, 2 February
2005 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 3032 of Weimer Hall (across from the Florida Gym
on Stadium Road) for more details about the writing competition, scholarship
and membership requirements.  You can also contact Jon Carroll at
[log in to unmask] for further information.

Thank you.