Date:  31 August 2005

To:    All Graduate Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students

From:  The UF Graduate School


In the wake of the widespread, catastrophic deaths, injuries, destruction
and trauma caused by Hurricane Katrina over the past few days, the UF
Graduate School would like to express its concern and consolation to all
those among its student body, staff and faculty whose family, friends and
neighbors hail from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and other
affected areas of the Southeast.

Should any of our students need help at this difficult time, we encourage
you to avail yourselves of the various Student Support Services offered by
the UF Dean of Students Office, about which you can learn more online by
clicking on this link:

Similar services are available for faculty and staff through the UF Employee
Assistance Program, also described online at this link:

The only positive thing about such tragic events is the noble heroism,
openhanded generosity and human solidarity they often engender in the face
of utter disaster and adversity.  With this in mind, we encourage all of you
to help hurricane relief efforts by making donations to the American Red
Cross ( or similar humanitarian aid charities,
according to your means.  Every little bit helps at trying times such as

Thank you.