NOTE: If you have graduated or are not enrolled for Spring 2005, please disregard. You will be deleted from the listserv after the drop/add deadline.


To:     Graduate Students

cc:     Administrative Staff


From:   Graduate School

RE:     Registration for Spring 2005


Welcome to a new academic year!  As you finalize your enrollment for the Spring term, a few important policies are provided here from the Graduate School for your reference. They are also online in the Graduate Catalog, Graduate Student Handbook, and FAQ page at


If you do not understand any of these policies or have questions about your particular situation, please contact your department



Drop/Add.  The deadline to adjust course registration without fee liability is January 7, 2005. ISIS will provide confirmation of your transactions. If you don’t get a confirmation, then the registration transaction has not been completed. Any course drop/add processed after the deadline will result in registration fee liability, even for students with fee waivers. You should contact the department for assistance if you are having a problem with ISIS. In any case, please confirm your registration during the drop/add period so that errors may be easily corrected.


Minimum Registration.  No graduate student who is enrolling for this term may register for fewer than 3 credits. During the terms of the qualifying examination or the final examination, and in which the degree is awarded, the student must be registered for credits that count toward the degree.

Students with an assistantship or fellowship must fulfill appropriate registration based on their appointment regardless of "need" for credits.


Final Term Registration.  During the Spring, students not on appointment must be registered for no fewer than 3 credits in courses that count toward the degree. Thesis students should be registered for 6971 and doctoral students for 7980. Students with an assistantship or fellowship must fulfill appropriate registration based on their appointment--it is not based on "need" for credits.


Cleared Prior.  Students exempted from final term registration for Spring  2005 must have met all of the following conditions before the start of the first day of classes on January 4:

1. Must have been correctly registered in the Fall term, 2. Completed all degree requirements, including final submission of the dissertation, thesis, or project, 3.  Submitted the final examination form for nonthesis degrees, 4. Resolved all incompletes and problems before the first day of classes, and 5. Applied for graduation by the January 28 degree application deadline. If you did not meet all of these requirements and intend to graduate in Spring 2005, then you must be registered appropriately.


Continuous Enrollment. Students who have not been enrolled for two or more continuous terms must reapply for admission, including residency. The Application for Readmission is submitted to Graduate Admissions in the Registrar's Office If readmitted, the student will then fall under a new catalog and any policy changes that may have been approved since the last enrollment unless the student obtained an approved leave of absence.



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