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Check out these new course offerings for Spring 2006:

Jews and Arabs in Modern Hebrew Literature, HBR 4930, T fifth
period & R Fourth-Fifth
Instructor: Prof. Avraham Balaban

The first Jewish settlers, who immigrated in the last decades of
the ninetieth century to Palestine to find a safe haven, did not
come to an empty locale. Thus, over the past hundred years two
developments occurred concomitantly, the beginning of the creative
process for an original Hebrew culture, and the beginning of the
confrontation between two peoples struggling for the same land.
This struggle has constituted one of the most prevalent themes of
Hebrew literature. The course will follow the different phases of
this theme throughout the twentieth century. The general situation
of enmity and otherness is even more complicated when it comes to
the depiction of Arabs in Hebrew literature. On the one hand,
several Hebrew writers were raised in Arabic culture before
immigrating to Israel, and on the other hand several Arabic
writers, who were born in Israel, have started publishing their
work in Hebrew.  In other words, Jews and Arabs are not just
enemies, but also inextricably connected to each other.
The course is based on short stories translated into English, as
well as movies with English subtitles. No knowledge of Hebrew is

Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature 2, HMW 3201, MWF 5
Instructor: Prof. Avraham Balaban
This class is intended for students who have already had seven
semesters of college Hebrew or equivalent. The course has two
related objectives: to expand the student knowledge of modern
Hebrew literature and culture, and to strengthen the student?s
command of the Hebrew language. We will work on all four levels:
comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.
We will read modern Israeli short stories (Etgar Keret, Gadi Taub
et al) and poems. During the semester we?ll see some Israeli
movies as well.
Take this course as an opportunity to learn more about Israel and
its culture, and to strengthen and update your Hebrew.
The class is usually small, so the level of Hebrew can be adjusted
to the student?s needs.

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Avraham Balaban at [log in to unmask]

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