Hey Guys,
Hope you all had a fantastic break!  And, I hope this semester has started out well for you too. 
Next Saturday, January 15th, Region II HOSA is having their conference in Cross City, FL.  We will be attending as judges for the various events.  Since we are going as judges, you do not have to be a dues paying member to attend.  We will be carpooling, so if you do not have a car, don't worry.  But, we only have a certain number of people we can take so the sooner you respond, the better!  The conference lasts from about 9am to 2pm, but we will have to leave at around 8am to get there on time.  Please let me know by Tuesday if you are interested in coming.  E-mail me back with your name and phone number. 
Thanks a bunch!
~Neesha Patel
HOSA at UF President