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okay, sorry to bother you with this, but i've got a random question for
those of you who have been in academia for at least 15 years or longer...

i'm involved in an odd research study with a large client, looking at the
activities and outcomes of students from select universities within a
specific major during the mid to late 80' idea involved approaching
then current profs and asking them something to the effect of, 'do you
remember who these top students were from 1987, or 1985' and so on - in one
case not offering the names (i have the names of all of their students) and
seeing if they remember any off hand...there's much more to it than that,
but what i'm really wondering is if professors typically are able to recall
specific students by year from that long ago (versus recent students of
their own within ms and phd programs) - these are all grad students, not
undergrads, though that's still a large number...

any thoughts? i can certainly clarify a bit more if it doesn't make sense,
and i suppose that this has more to do with overall memory skills and not
just the memory skills of academicians...

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