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> The Orkut story (altho a year old) in the last Socnet digest does point to
> the intersection of social network software and social network analysis.

people genuinely interested in this stuff should see:

1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web
[from 1-2 September 2004, Galway, Ireland, sponsored by SWAD-Europe and

full papers and position papers are available at:

also see

"Social Network Analysis on the Semantic Web: Techniques and Challenges
for Visualizing FOAF", available as a preprint from:

Citations to actual published research being done in this area (social
software + SNA) are particularly hard to come by; a lot of what is being
done is not very good, not very theoretically grounded, inadequately
structured, "word of mouth" rather than having dealt with human subjects
concerns, et cetera.


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