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The end of an era.
My recollection of him included a lovely afternoon Pip Pattison and I
     spent with him at (I think) the London Sunbelt meeting.
And the fact that he would bring his own wine (bottled with his
      own "Harary Winery" label) to conferences.

His impact, as Steve says, is huge.   He, almost singlehandedly,
      is responsible for the popularization of graph theory in network
      analysis.   Harary, Norman, and Cartwright (1965) will always
      be an important text in our field.

Stan Wasserman

On Jan 11, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Steve Borgatti wrote:

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If the passing of "Mr. Graph Theory" has already been noted on this
list, I
apologize - I didn't see it.

Frank Harary died earlier this year (Jan 4, 2005). I used to be
when he would begin a sentence with "When I created graph theory .",
but I
have to admit now that his contribution to making graph theory a field
in fact huge. He was also an extremely colorful character who often
people batty while being quite charming all at the same time. I
almost all of my few interactions with him (e.g, in the hospitality
suite at
Sunbelt conferences) quite vividly.

I didn't know until this minute that I felt this way, but I realize I
remember him fondly and will miss him.


Stanley Wasserman
Sociology and Psychology
Indiana University

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