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Dear Socnetters,

May I urgently have your attention. The last years I conducted extensive
research in the area of inter-organizational networking. In particular I
investigated the relation of (egocentric) network size (in terms of number
of relationships) and its effects on the organization forming these
relationships. This I presented in a working paper and thesis for I
graduated cum laude in the field of Organization Science (Tilburg
University, the Netherlands). Learn more to click at

However, I am still eager to conduct more research on this issue. Therefore
I would like to apply for a PhD position. The candidature I am looking for
could be at a faculty of Organization Science, Business Science, Management
Science or Sociology.

I'll hope that anyone of you can deliver suggestions to me or any
recommendations which University might be interesting of is looking for a
PhD Candidate.

Kind regards

Dennis Havermans

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