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"I wanted to register for the Snijders workshop before the conference
but couldn't figure out how to do this. Please explain what I have to do."

"... I have tried to register for the workshop on Feb. 16 but I did not
find a way to do it. Any help regarding this will be greatly

"I registered for two workshops that meet at the same time and I don't
think I can go to both, so I need to drop one. How do I do  that?"

The following should answer these questions and many more like them.

1. Go to the INSNA web site at
2. Click on "**Sunbelt Registration**" on the bottom left corner. A new
window will open.
3. Choose whether you want to register for the conference as a member of
INSNA or as a non-member and click on the appropriate button.
4. If you are a member, enter the first two letters of your LAST name
(please, not your First name) and click on Search
5.  Find your name on the list and click on it. Then click Select. A new
page will appear showing your membership status.
6. If you are a member in 2005, you will see a "Register for conference"
button. Click on it.
7. A new screen will appear with your name, address, etc. Fill in any
missing information and correct any incorrect information. Then click on
8. You should see the page where you  indicate what you want to register
for as part of the conference. If you want the banquet, click where it
says "for one person" or "for two people". If you want Tom Snijder's
workshop, click in the little white box below his name. Do the same for
any other workshops that you weant to register for.
9. When you are certain that you have indicated all of the workshops
that you want (and that they don't meet at the same time!), click on the
Continue button on the bottom of the page.
10. Indicate how you want to pay and click the appropriate button.
11. If you said you want to pay with a credit card, supply the
information asked for, etc.

If you have already registered for the conference and realized that you
want to add or delete a workshop or banquet, please follow the first  7
steps listed above.

On the page that will appear next, below "Workshops and Activities," you
will see, in Red letters,

        "*** You have already registered for the conference ***
Please add or delete items you wish to change, then click Continue."

At this point, please add or delete the items you wish to change, and
then click the Continue button. Please supply any informtion that is
requested on the next page and click the appropriate buttons.

best regards,

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