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Dear Socnetters,

I have a practical question, considering computer programs. I want to do Computer Assisted Personal Interviews to track information exchange between voluntary organisations (in Amsterdam) and I am looking for a computer program that suits my wishes best, and I hope (one of) you can help me out.

The interview questions are phrased like "Which organisations would you tell you are moving to a different area in the city?". The interview consists of a number of such questions to have respondents name as many (different) organisations as possible. I will also ask for some additional information on the organisations that are mentioned (e.g. frequency of contact, ethnicity of contact person). To not overburden my respondents, I do not want them to have to mention those characteristics each time they name the same organisation twice (or even more often). So I am looking for a computer program that will fill in these characteristics as soon as the interviewer types the name of the organisation.
The program also has to enable routing in the questions, as 'no' will often have no follow-up question, in contrast to 'yes'.

The final part of the interview requires a somewhat more intelligent computer program. As people often tend to mention the same names over and over again because that are the names that are in their heads at that time, there is a big chance they fail to name part of their circle of acquaintances. To overcome this, I want to have a checklist at the end of the interview with organisations that they could have mentioned, but didn't. I have a list with all organisations in Amsterdam, and the computer program should take out all names that are mentioned during the interview so the final checklist doe not contain any names they already mentioned. The respondents will only be asked to indicate whether they have or have not contact with those organisations, and if so how often.

I hope I have been able to make myself clear about the kind of interview I want to hold, and what kind of demands I have for a computer program. Can anyone give me advice?

Thanks in advance!

Lisa Peters

PS. I wish you all a very successful 2005!

drs. Lisa Peters
University of Amsterdam
Department of Political Science/ IMES
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237
1012 DL Amsterdam
t: +31 (0) 20 525 2669
e-mail: [log in to unmask]

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