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I agree with you. I just wanted to point out that this was not their
comprehensive site.


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On 4 Jan 2005, at 9:57, Cassidy, Erin wrote:

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> A humbly submitted clarification regarding wikipedia's inaccurate
> description of SNA. The previous email referred to the definition at
> this
> URL:
> The simple in the URL indicates that this is not the standard
> Wikipedia.
> Simple English uses fewer words and easier grammar than the original
> English Wikipedia. It is focused on readers who tend to be quite
> different
> people with different needs: students, children, and translators. From:
> Wikipedia's "real" article can be found here:


Thanks for clarifying the distinction.  However, simplicity doesn't
have to imply inaccuracy.  (Imprecision, perhaps.)

As a side note, if there are any educators that want to take a stab at
the Simple version, neither its language nor its vocabulary strike me
as being particularly well-suited to (younger) students or children.
(How many children will recognize "contagion", "analytically",
"diffusion", or "affect"?)


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